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Gerneral Questions

What is a nurse practitioner?
Nurse practitioners (NPs) are advanced practice registered nurses who have either a master’s degree or doctoral degree in nursing. They treat based on the nursing model, which utilizes a holistic approach. By focusing on the whole person, through lifestyle choices, education, etc, this way of treating blends perfectly with the functional medicine model.

Similar to Medical Doctors (MDs), NPs can:

  • Diagnosed and treat illnesses
  • Perform physical examinations
  • Prescribe medications
  • Order / Interpret laboratory, radiology, and other diagnostic testing

Functional Medicine

What is functional medicine?
Functional medicine is at the fore-front of an evidence-based, science driven approach to holistic medicine. It utilizes a systems-biology approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Rather than targeting individual symptoms, functional medicine recognizes the interplay of each symptom and its contribution to a person’s illness, allowing the practitioner to focus on the optimal functioning of the body as a whole.
How does functional medicine work?
In order to uncover the root cause of your illness, deep detective work is completed through a detailed history and laboratory testing, taking into consideration genetics, lifestyle, environment, etc. An individualized plan is then created, focusing on lifestyle changes, such as nutrition, sleep, and movement, as well as nutraceutical supplementation and occasional pharmaceuticals. Through a therapeutic partnership, you and your practitioner will work together in order to help you accomplish your healing goals.
Can you be my primary care practitioner?
Although I am a board certified family medicine practitioner, my practice structure does not allow me to be available at the level of acuity necessary for a primary care practice. As your functional medicine practitioner, I require that you maintain your primary care provider (PCP) for routine screening exams such as pap smears, colonoscopies, prostate exams, etc. and for urgent situations requiring immediate care or hospitalization. However, I am happy to work collaboratively with your PCP and/or specialists as needed.
How long does it take to feel better?
Results will vary from person to person. Some people feel dramatically better within the first month of treatment, whereas others take a bit longer to notice an improvement. On average, it takes one month of healing for each year that you’ve suffered from a specific problem. It’s important to remember that you didn’t get sick overnight, this is a result of years of stress and illness taking its toll on your body, so it takes time to heal and restore.
How often should I retest?
For most conditions, it is recommended that you retest at the 6-month mark to measure improvement and compare results to initial labs, adjusting the treatment protocol as needed. Once you have achieved your desired health outcome, we recommend retesting annually in order to ensure health optimization.

Energy Medicine

What is energy medicine?
A therapy that is based on the belief that health is determined by the overall flow and balance of your “life force energy”. An imbalance or blockage in the natural flow of these subtle energy fields has the potential to result in illness and disease. Energy medicine modalities help to remove these imbalance or blockages, restoring flow of your life force energy.

Types of energy medicine:

  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Qigong
  • Reiki
  • Healing touch
  • Chakra cleansing
  • Prayer
  • Theta Healing
What is Reiki?
Reiki is a gentle energy healing modality where universal life force energy is harnessed through the hands of the practitioner. The practitioner can then transmit this vital energy to you in order to restore the flow of your energy. This will help to rebalance and restore your health, leaving you feeling more vibrant and well.

There are many forms of Reiki. Specifically, Dr. Jamie is a Master of Angelic Reiki, whereby she utilizes the assistance and energy of her healing angel to facilitate her sessions with you.

What is chakra balancing?
Chakra balancing is a form of energy healing that focuses on channeling energy into the seven chakras. Chakra balancing aims to identify and release any chakra blockages in order to promote a free flow of energy, restoring a sense of balance and wellbeing.
Can energy medicine be done virtually?
Yes. Some energy medicine modalities, like Reiki, can transcend time and space. Therefore, you don’t have to be located in the same room, city or even country as your practitioner in order to receive the benefits of the treatment.


Do you see patients in person?

No, Monarch Way is a completely virtual practice and only sees patients via telehealth service. Right now we are licensed and accepting patients who reside in the following states:

  • Colorado
  • New York
  • Nevada
  • Arizona
  • Washington
  • Montana
  • Maryland
  • Florida
How do I get started?
Simply email or click the Free Consult button to schedule a 20-minute discovery call.
How do I schedule an appointment?
Once you decide what service model you’d like to register for, our staff will assist you with scheduling your initial appointment. Please note that if you are a new patient, you will be required to make a 50% placeholder deposit at the time of your initial appointment.
What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we require that you do so 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Otherwise, for new patients, you will forfeit your appointment placeholder fee and for existing patients, you will be charged a $100 cancellation fee for your visit. We are understanding though and will evaluate each instance on a case-by-case basis.

Cost & Insurance

Do you accept my insurance?
We are a fee-for-service and membership-based practice and do not accept insurance. It is up to each individual to determine whether their insurance plan provides reimbursement for our services, with the exception of Medicare. Our practitioners have opted-out of being in the Medicare program, so none of our services are reimbursable through Medicare benefits. Additionally, Reiki sessions are not reimbursable.
Can I use my insurance for any lab testing?
We will bill your insurance for certain lab testing. This excludes any specialized functional medicine tests that may/may not be covered. You are responsible for payment of any deductible and co-payment/co-insurance as determined by the contract with your insurance carrier.
Can I use my HSA or FSA for any of my fees?
Yes, you can use your HSA or FSA to pay for any services rendered at Monarch Way. You can also use them to pay for any nutraceuticals / supplements and/or lab fees as needed.
Do you assist in obtaining reimbursement from my insurance?
Per your request, we will provide a superbill that you may submit for reimbursement. We have made it very easy for you by partnering with Reimbursify. You can simply upload your superbill to the app for fast and easy claim submission to your insurance carrier. Then depending on your plan’s out of network benefits, your reimbursement will be sent directly to you. Please note that we cannot guarantee reimbursement. This will depend on your individual plan.

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