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Let's begin by asking yourself a few questions

Have you found yourself frustrated with traditional medicine?
Have you been referred to multiple specialists for each of your various symptoms?
Have you struggled to find any improvement in your quality of life?

If you answered “yes”, that’s because traditional Western medicine asks the question “what”, whereas functional medicine asks "why".

In the “what” model, you are given a diagnosis followed by a pill that coincides with the treatment for that diagnosis. This model works well for acute illnesses, but often fails for chronic illnesses.

By separating the body systems into specialties, traditional Western medicine often misses the larger picture. Functional medicine, on the other hand, seeks to determine the root cause of illness. This requires a comprehensive investigation of all the body systems as a whole. The resulting data is then utilized to implement an individualized treatment plan, focusing on lifestyle changes through nutrition, hydration, sleep, movement, mindfulness, and emotional release. We also utilize integrative treatment modalities through nutraceutical supplements and herbal therapies, while holding space for medications when necessary. Through this process, you as the patient, are allowed to achieve your own expression of optimal health and vitality.

"You treat a disease: You win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you win—no matter the outcome."

~ Patch Adams

How Does Functional Medicine Work?

In order to uncover the root cause of illness, a functional medicine practitioner must engage in deep detective work through a detailed history and laboratory testing that takes into consideration the unique exchange between genetics, environment, lifestyle, and spirituality. An individualized plan is then created, one that allows the patient to achieve their own expression of optimal health and vitality. This process empowers patients and practitioners to work together, creating a therapeutic partnership in order to facilitate healing by bringing the mind and body back into balance.

Monarch Way focuses on a few key aspects when designing your individualized wellness plan. They all work synergistically together in order to bring you back to optimal health. These include: nutrition, sleep, movement, mindfulness, nutraceutical supplementation, and pharmaceuticals (when needed).

Whether you are suffering from chronic illness or simply looking to optimize your health, we are here to assist you on your healing journey. We have various service plans to meet your unique needs.

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Functional Medicine Plans

Explore our wellness plans to get started:
  • Do you have multiple chronic illnesses or have been ill for years without any resolution in sight?
  • Or do you simply want after-hours access to your practitioner?

This monthly membership is the best option for your health and wellness needs. It provides you with monthly visits, an individualized wellness plan, ongoing coaching, 24/7 support, and various other membership perks.

  • Do you have a newly diagnosed or ongoing chronic illness?
  • Are you having uncontrollable symptoms even after trying various treatment options or lifestyle changes?

This monthly membership is the best to get you through your healing journey. It offers you bi-monthly visits, an individualized wellness plan, ongoing coaching, and various other membership perks.

  • Do you have minor health concerns that have been holding you back from living vibrantly?
  • Or do you simply want a holistic practitioner to monitor your prescriptions, supplements, and diet?

This monthly membership is the best to suit your needs. It will provide you with quarterly visits, an individualized wellness plan, and various other membership perks.

1:1 appointment with your practionermonthlybi-monthlyquarterly
Unlimited direct messaging in Patient Portal
Advanced lab testing with personalized interpretation
Individualized wellness plan
Discounts on supplements
6 Month Minimum
Unlimited text messaging directly with your practitioner
Exclusive VIP Concierge service
Energy Medicine included

Find out today if Functional Medicine is right for you!